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Off to Florida / Yahoo

Off to Florida on Tuesday. You can catch me at Newark's Terminal C sometime before 11am. I've printed out my boarding pass and am ready to go.

It's not a vacation, its an industry conference. Noone will believe me, but I would rather not go. Am crazy busy at work, and will wind up working the phones heavily from the fancy hotel.


Have slightly lifted my jihad against Yahoo for now. The reason is that my DSL provider, Verizon, has an alliance with Yahoo. Basically, I get free antivirus software if I accept the combined Verizon / Yahoo package. I will continue to use Gmail as my main e-mail address, but will keep one toe in the Yahoo pond.

Shooter Jennings

There new Yahoo toolbar has a nice feature, in that it shows the song that is playing on my Yahoo Music Player, and the artist, and has a counter showing how many seconds have played, etc. Cool.

Right now, its Shooter Jennings playing " 4th of July " on the Americana Channel.

enjoy Floridia, looks like we will both be in hot place's next week.

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