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Back from Phoenix

I was invited to go to a conference outside of Scottsdale hosted by a company that I respect, and where I have a lot of friends.

Its busy, so I could only go for a cup of coffee. I flew out midday Sunday and I came back just now...after midnight, 1am on Tuesday. Just enough time to have dinner with my pals last night, lubricated by Fat Tire beer and to have a couple of meetings on Monday.

The event was at the Boulders, an impressive resort. It was chilly last night, unseasonably so. The normally red-brick colored mountains surrounding Phoenix were covered in snow, a rare occurrence. I wish I brought my camera, or I would have posted a photo.

Phantom: (The Boulders) What a totally original name but credit due, its deserved. What happened to your podcast experiment? BTW Happy St.Patricks Day.

Parnell/ Phantom-

I see Phantom used a service provided by Blogger which allows you to ring a phone number, and it automatically converts it into a post on your blog. This is revolutionary- can't wait for it to be made available on this side of the pond.

BTW- like the pic of Éire on the sidebar- I can just about make myself out lying in gutter in Belfast after a heavy night on the Guinness (not true, but couldn't resist the clichés ;) )

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