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WTC- 13th Anniversary of 1993 Bombing

This is the 13th Anniversary of the 1993 bombing of One World Trade Center, the north tower.

The bombers drove a rented Ryder van into the parking lot in the basement, where it exploded. Six people died in the blast.

I worked in lower Manhattan during that time, near the South Street Seaport. I had lunch plans with someone in One WTC. I called him late morning to confirm, and he told me that he'd probably have to postpone, as he'd heard that " a boiler of something blew up in the basement ".

Before too long, we learned what really happened. It was a pretty unproductive afternoon. Subway service was suspended for a time, but we later were able to get home just fine.

I know a number of people who worked in One WTC, and it was not so good for them. Lots of them had to walk down 30 plus flights of stairs through the smoke. The lucky ones had paper towels or handkerchiefs to give some protection. Lots of them had black smoke stains around their mouths by the time they reached the ground floor.

One year later, my company moved into offices high up in Two World Trade Center.

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