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Bode Miller, Flop

It's hard not to have a big dose of schadenfreude at the abominable Olympic performance of US skier Bode Miller.

Just before the Olympics, he did an interview with 60 Minutes, in which he admitted to skiing when drunk. That's not good.

During the Olympics, as in other US ski competitions, Bode does not room with his teammates. He's too cool for that. He travels and sleeps in a separate RV.

Throughout his career, he has refused any attempts at coaching him, preferring to coach himself

Well, all this is fine if you can back it up. But this so-called rebel went to Torino and came up with nothing. Five events and zero medals. His sloppy attitude may have infected his US teammates, who as a whole were a grave dissapointment.

Nike prepared a fancy website for Bode and probably paid big cash for the rights. What a fake. I'd say that he should be arrested for stealing the money, but Nike deserves it.

Maybe the great Bode can spend the money on a coach, who can teach him how to ski. There was one other natural sports talent who could not be coached, that being Mike Tyson. He fired coach Kevin Rooney because Iron Mike just knew it all. His career had its moments, but it would have been so much greater had he listened to someone he knew. Athletes have coaches for a reason.

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