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World Trade Center - 9/11 Denial

As a New Yorker, and as someone who worked in Two World Trade Center until the evening of September 10, I take a very personal interest in what happened in 2001.

One of the strangest phenomena we've seen since the attack has been the rise of a very small but utterly convinced group of people who think that the 9/11 attack was the work of the US Government, as a " controlled demolition". It wasn't the Arab hijackers who flew planes into the buildings that did it, it was Bush and Chaney that did it.

Some people really believe this stuff. I've seen them on the NYC subway, and I have seen them on Church Street in front of the WTC site, where I regard their presence as as desecration. Again, there are not many of these guys, but they do represent an interesting phenomenon.

This week's cover story of the left-wing Village Voice is about the "9/11 Truth Movement" . I was surprised when I read it, because the article is completely balanced and serious.

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