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Changing My Communications Providers

I've been doing a slow burn over the past two years over the s-l-oooo-w service given me by my internet provider Verizon DSL. The service is supposed to give me up to to 3000 kbits per second. They've occasionally reached this speed, but more typically they've given me 1500 kbits / second...which is ok for most of my uses.

My problem is that they occasionally get much slower than this. This week is one of those times. This morning it gives me 250 kbits/second. That's no good. I've called Verizon technical support, and they have told me that the signal is a perfect 3000 kbits/second to my modem, and that the problem must be in my PC. I don't believe them. They said this to Seth a while back. Then he switched to internet service as provided by the local cable company Time Warner. For the past six months, he's been running at 5000 kbits / second, 100% of the time.

So, I'm cutting the cord. I just signed up for Time Warner Cable for my internet service.

But to maximize my discounts, I am also giving them my phone service, which will now be a " digital phone " as offered by the cable tv company.

I will also switch my tv provider from Directv to Time Warner. This is strictly an economic decision--Time Warner pays a $200 incentive for switching, and there is a bundling discount for having tv/internet/phone with TW. I'm not dissatisfied in any way with Directv, and I will be sad to leave them.

The plan I signed up for gives me a) a wide spectrum of digital channels, shown here
http://www.twcnyc.com/downloads/chlineupBQ.pdf , b) digital phone incl unlimited local and US long distance service, and c) 5000 kbits internet service. The price for this is $99.95 a month for the first year, going to $109.95 in year two. Thats a good deal.

I'm paying $19 a month extra for DVR service ( an recorder for the tv ) and for an additional tv set in the other apartment.

The service will be installed on March 10.

The channels will include Fox Soccer Channel, so I will be able to see what my European friends have been talking about.

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