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Responding to Anti-American Bullshit in Europe

Today's No-Pasaran has an article about the phenonmenon of some Americans who respond to European anti-Americanism by apologizing for being American or by pretending to be Canadian, etc. I made a comment in the thread below the post.

Any American who would " apologize " for being an American or who, in a foreign land, would try to pass as a Canadian is less than a coward.

Some months after September 11, with the fires not yet out in lower Manhattan, I sat down to dinner in Zurich with an English guy and two Swiss. One of the Swiss gents out of nowhere started berating the US for the invasion of --Afghanistan, home of Al Queda-- . This was long before the Iraq War had started, or was even being discussed publicly. I was receiving a moral lecture from a citizen of the country that was profitably neutral in the time of Hitler about the US acting in self-defense against those who had attacked my city and killed my friends.

Needless, I did not apologize to this Swiss gentleman. Some might say that I got in his face a bit, much to the delight of my English dining companion.

Its OK to criticize the US government and any President, but any American who apologizes for his country in a foreign land is beneath contempt.

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