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Barry Bonds Steroids Tribute Video- Cheating Gets It Faster

Cheating Gets It Faster
I've always loved baseball, far more than all other sports combined. Tomorrow, I meet up with the Hon to see the NY Mets play the San Francisco Giants at Shea Stadium.

I come from the last generation of kids who divided the sports world between a) baseball and b) everything else. Its pretty important to me.

The San Francisco Giants' biggest star is Barry Bonds. Bonds, who came up as a skinny outfielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates, developed enormous muscular bulk in the late 1990s/early 2000s. His head grew noticeably larger, and his home run production increased radically at a time in life when power usually drops off. It is "widely suspected" that both the midlife muscle growth and the pumpkin head were caused by steroid use. His personal trainer, Greg Anderson, was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for supplying anabolic steroids to athletes. What a coincidence.

Tomorrow, Barry Bonds will receive the thunderous boos that NY Sports fans reserve for the worst cheaters and bad guys. Bonds is a two-fer, a steroids abuser noted for being nasty to people.

I found the above song and video on youtube. I find the song to be perfect, as if it was written with Bonds in mind.

Nothing Ever Shames San Francisco

I initially thought the video itself to be just OK, but after a few viewings I like it al lot. To the lyrics, which are perfect for this subject, you see the San Francisco fans who idolize this criminal. San Francisco regards itself as a sophisticated place. How can you be sophisticated if you cheer on the fake accomplishments of a bighead steroids abuser? San Fran is the biggest hick town in the baseball world. I hope to God New Yorkers wouldn't cheer this guy if he wore one of our uniforms. Yes, we do have Jason Giambi, another ex(?) steroids guy, on our Yankees, but he's not surly, he isn't going to break any records the way Bonds might, and he at least had the character to admit that he used steroids, which Bonds, and other players never did.

I may take photos tomorrow, and if I do I will post them.

Great video! If you see any funny t-shirts or outfits on the fans tomorrow, make sure to photograph them or post about them.

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