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Back to New York

Was away at an industry conference in Naples, Florida for three days. It was good, but, it being a conference, we were secluded away in a nice spot, and the only Floridians we really spoke with were the staff at the fancy hotel.

I flew there and back on Continental Airlines. They're the best US airline, hands down. I fly them a lot, so have " Silver Elite " status with them. Because of this status, they gave me an upgrade to Business Class on both legs of the trip. A r/t journey that cost me $160, Newark to Fort Myers and back. Both flights on time.

The person next to me was a young Norweigian guy returning to Oslo from a business trip to Florida, a trip he makes every four months. I was pretty surprised to learn that Continental was the only airline flying from Oslo to the USA--SAS suspended the route after 9/11.

Continental's European strategy has been brilliant-- they don't have all that many flights to London, but they fly where many others don't--nonstop to Oslo, Berlin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham -- routes that I think make money on their own, and which feed Continental's vast US network. I really like Continental, and most frequent travelers I know in NY prefer to fly with them.

Its been a mild winter, but...it is cold tonight in NYC. It's 26 degrees F now. Cold. Seasonal, but it seems colder as it has been a very mild winter thus far.

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