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Memories of John Lennon

I don't read enough books. Hardly any, actually. Why, when I love to read?

Work eats up immense amounts of the day. I read a lot of newspapers and magazines. And now this blog vice. So, I may try to be a bit more selective in my journalism reading, and have to be a little more militant on the time management on this blog thing.

A week ago, checked this book from this branch of the New York Public Library.

As the Amazon reviews will largely indicate, its not a great book, but it does have interesting little details about John Lennon.

The Killer

My favorite: In 1973 or 1974, Lennon attended a Jerry Lee Lewis concert in the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. Mid-sets, Lennon was brought backstage to meet Lewis. John got down on his knees and started kissing Jerry Lee Lewis' boots saying " Thanks Killer for showing me how to rock and roll ". Lewis responded, in his Southern drawl, " Now, son, that ain't necessary at all. "

When Lennon left, Lewis's son said " Do you know who that was "? The Killer just laughed. " Yeah, Son, I know who that was."

I'm paying visits to NYC twice this year, all being well. Good place. Been there twice before.

Saw the Dakota Building and Strawberry Fields the first time I was there.

Anywhere else you recommend (think I've done the main tourist haunts)?

Will respond more properly later, but some thoughts:

If you're a sports fan, and have not already done so, I'd check out a NY Yankees baseball game if they are in.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a very interesting neighborhood with some nice eclectic bars in it.

If weather is nice, a walk across the Brookyn Bridge is a glorious thing.

Staten Island Ferry ride is fun and is free

McSorleys Ale House is a classic place, just stay away on Friday and Saturday nights when it is overcrowded

If you like Chinese, visit a classic dim sum place like " 888 " restaurant.

Also try " soup buns " a Shanghai delicacy served in one of my favorite no frills Chinese places, " Goodys" on East Broadway. Very inexpensive and very good.

If you are a rollerblader, bring them to town and go through Central Park -- nothing like it on a nice day. You can rent also.

Will post more thoughts when they come to mind

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