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Tangled Web Downgraded / New Links Added

( updated once )

There have been a number of conversations about A Tangled Web on Irish blogs recently. It is a two-man deal. The junior partner in this relationship, unworthy of being named, recently took it upon himself to mock the victims of the Bloody Sundaymassacre in Derry by dismissing them as " lawbreakers ". The other guy backed him up, which will be taken here as tacit agreement.

That's not the only disreputable thing that has appeared on ATW, and it has led to it being de-linked by United Irelander and by other good sites.

That's a good approach, but, after due reflection, I will keep the link with ATW. There are good pieces in it at times. But I will keep it locked up in a separate " Penalty Box ", all the way at the bottom of the blogroll. If ATW ever reforms itself, it will get out of the box and join the blogs of better repute that are shown above it.


Further updates
John Batchelor runs the best radio show for political / US News / World News junkies. The John Batchelor Show may be heard on mighty WABC, from 10pm-1pm East Coast Time Monday - Friday, and there is a link to an internet stream. They have an international network of correspondents, so when they're not talking about the US budget, they may be speaking to their man in Gaza, in Uzbekistan, or in Adelaide, Australia.

On tonight's show, Mr. Batchelor gives recommendations to Brussels Journal and to Opinion Journal.

UI recently linked to Sicilian Notes, which I just eyeballed for the first time. I looks like an intelligent place, and I loved the Google image they posted dealing with censorship on their Chinese search engine, so I will check them out. ( Image stolen below )

So, look right, and you'll see some new members of the Hall of Fame. And one new dungeon dweller.

I doubt you-know-who will ever change his ways. It's a shame as he actually makes some decent points from time to time but the vitriol of his posts obscures them.

Correct, absolutely correct. That is the amazing thing. They diminish the influence of what can be a snappy, readable, useful piece of work.

If ATW ever reforms itself, it will get out of the box and join the blogs of better repute that are shown above it.

Seen many flying porcines recently, Mr. Phantom?

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