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Two Weeks Until Pitchers and Catchers

Yankee Stadium, Bronx NY. The Yankees have played here since 1923. This stadium has also been the site of many famous boxing matches and was the home of the NY Giants football team for years.
This of course is the famous Super Bowl Sunday. Even I, whose sporting heart beats only for baseball, will be joining my two brothers in law, one sister, and a very sports crazy young nephew for a Super Bowl watching evening down in the wilds of Wayne PA. It'll be good, it will be swell seeing them, and hopefully the football match will be good also.

But, contrarian that I am, I will take the greatest pleasure in noting that the end of the Super Bowl marks one day close to the opening of baseball's Spring Training Camps. Our long national nightmare of days and nights without baseball will soon be coming to an end. And not a minute too soon.
Shea Stadium, in Queens NY, has been the home of baseball's NY Mets since 1964. When it was opened, it was right next to the World's Fair which ran from 1964 through 1965. Shea Stadium was the home of the football NY Jets for many years. The Beatles played here in 1965. I saw the Rolling Stones there in either 1989 or 1990 ( Steel Wheels Tour ) They were great.

The Super Bowl wasn't much of a super game, although the Steelers won and for that I was glad.

Better yet, it means that all this Pro Football chatter can recede and we can talk baseball like civilized people.

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