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How Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban Repays Danish Hospitiality

Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban is a Palestinian imam who has been the beneficiary of Danish hospitality since 1993, when he moved to Copenhagen. He has been a frequent guest on Danish television.

When he saw the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten, he complained in Denmark, but did not get much of a reaction. So, he brought his complaints to the Muslim Brotherhood and to others in the Middle East. This is how Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban , recipient of the hostpitality of the Danes, has repaid this most liberal and hospitable of societies.

He has been quoted denouncing the attacks on Denmark and praising them in Arabic on Al-Jazeera. The old Arafat trick.

Please read fromNational Review.


Last night, I brought Carlsberg and Elephant Beers, both Danish, to the Super Bowl Party. One of the other guests brought Tuborg. I will make every effort to buy a few Danish items every week until this event passes over.


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