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NYC Polar Bears are Happy Tonight

It has been the mildest of winters until very recently here in New York. December was mild. January was like late February. But a couple of days ago, winter bit back. It will be 23 degrees F tonight, colder than most would like it. But its fine by me.

I must come from a long line of polar bears. I love fish, and I love the cold even more. I only wear a proper topcoat a couple of days a year. The rest of the winter, its a spring coat, if that. Its a running gag in the office.

Lucy from the office wears proper coats all winter long, but she has a vice. She swims with the Polar Bears. Not with the bears you see above, but with the Brooklyn Polar Bears. These lunatics go for a swim every week during the winter at Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Though I like the cold, I can't really imagine swimming in frigid winter waters. But maybe someday....

When the weather gets cold, my distant relatives, the true polar bears at the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zooare quite happy. They're happy tonight, I'll tell you. I raise my beer glass to them from here in Brr Ridge.

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