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Baby Found Floating in Lagoon in Brazil

This is a story that immediately brought to mind the baby Moses floating down the Nile River.

At the shore of a lagoon in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, people heard sounds like those of a baby kitten coming from a black plastic bag floating by. A man reached out with a branch or stick, pulled the bag ashore, and instead of finding a kitten, found a two month old baby girl.

The video may be seen here. It is astonishing viewing. A big tip of the hat from up here in el norte to the people there in Belo Horizonte who thought to do a random act of kindness.

A more recent report from the Guardian newspaper states that the child's mother has been arrested.


I popped in and this took my eye most strongly.

I saw the video on the news. Truely miraculous and heartwarming (if you forget for a moment that someone put the child in that situation in the first place).

I wonder what she will make of her life and if there is some special reason she has been saved.

Not sure what to think of her mother. A dreadful act beyond dreadful but it's interesting that the wee girl was clothed and so there had been some degree of care from someone. Maybe the mother was very seriously mentally ill. Wouldn't you need to be to do that?

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