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Ben & Jerrys " Black and Tan " Blunder.. or Not?

Ben & Jerry's the ice cream company is taking some heat because they named a new ice cream "Black & Tan " Students of Irish history will recall that the term " Black & Tans " comes from a violent, and oppressive British military unit who fought the Irish independence fighters in the 1920s.

The fact that the Black and Tans were a bunch of no-good criminals is beyond serious dispute. But the phrase " Black and Tan " is not offensive. It has fallen into common use. I've seen people order " Black and Tans "--one half Harp beer, one-half Guinness stout-- many times in New York Irish bars. I've ordered one myself in Dublin for Christ's sake.

So, to the sniveling milquetoasts who are pretending to be offended: shut up and find something serious to be upset about. And go down to the basement and bring up a six pack of Yuengling's for me.

Ben & Jerry's is innocent here.

You can get Yuengling in Brooklyn now? Who knew?

Yes, it has been more widely available for the past couple of years, through NY and NJ, when they expanded the Pottstown PA brewery and opened a second brewery in Florida.

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