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WTC / As Heard on the NYC Subway

Today, took the No. 6 train downtown for some crabcakes at Blue Water Grill off Union Square.

Somewhere between Grand Central and Union Square this Susan Sontag looking woman comes into my car and starts screaming about how the destruction of the World Trade Center was done by the US government. It was a " controlled demolition " you see, because " no buildings could fall down that fast ". Also " Dick Cheney arranged for military maneuvers that day to fool NORAD."

The passengers weren't too happy to hear this. She wasn't shouted down, but she was the object of a few choice comments including requests to know if she was " off her medication " and that she " get back to the hospital ".

sad to see you're such a tub of denial. cardboard cutters, arabs who couldn't even handle a single prop cessna, the crumbling wtc 7, insider trading, pnac, anthrax, tons of additional arguments, but you decide to stick with the boogeyman story. good luck with the civil war. we'll be sending blankets.

See, lad, I have a television and I saw really big planes crash into these tall buildings. Really!

There is a sale on medication at Duane Reade, suggest that you stock up, Anonymous.

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