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Hamas - Suicide Bombers Voted Into Office

Over 20 years ago, in college, I remember having a conversation on the Middle East. A girl from Israel asked me when I thought the Middle East conflict would be resolved. My response was that I thought it would never be resolved.

I'm sorry to say that I haven't been proven wrong. This week's win by Hamas in the Palestinian Territory is a huge step backward for the Palestinians and for the region.

Hamas is a political party that endorses suicide bombings. Bombing buses filled with commuters or schoolchildren. They promise to obliterate the state of Israel. They won't negotiate with it. They deny the Holocaust, and would seem happy to initiate a new one.

Fatah is corrupt and terrorist. Hamas is less corrupt, but but more terrorist, more hungry for civilian blood than is Fatah.

Every time you think that things can't get worse in the Middle East...they do.

Hamas did this

"They promise to obliterate the state of Israel."

You seem to be conveniently missing the point that Israel is a state based on the obliteration of another, namely Palestine. Why do people like you see a vast moral difference between what Israelites and Palestinians do-is it so different blowing yourself up on a bus or firing a hellfire missile from a helicopter into a civilian area? I'm not trying to justify either side-but it smacks of hypocrisy for Israel (a state built on genocide and the eviction of millions from their homes) to take the moral high ground.

There was no state of Palestine in 1948. Had never been one at anytime in the past either.

The present day Palestinians were either Jordanians ( West Bank ) or Egyptians ( Gaza Strip )

The Israeli missiles have been quite targeted -- at the blind creep that used to run Hamas, etc.

The recent US missile in Pakistan was aimed at Al Queda, several top leaders who were indeed whacked.

Hamas, on the other hand, was equally targeted when it sent a dynamite loaded car at a bus filled with kids. They knew that there would be no Israeli army there, just children.

There is an immense difference between someone who tries to kill the bad guys in a war and who cannot avoid hitting a civilian and another who aims right at seven year old civilians.

So should there be a Jewish state of Israel? And where should its borders be?

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