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Hi from Bermuda

Have had a rapidfire set of meetings over the last day and a half, but now they are over and can concentrate on having a pub-grub dinner and cocktails at the Hog Penny with some of my buddies over here.

The weather is glorious here, but unfortunately was stuck indoors almost all the time.

Bermuda is a British possession, so they drive on the wrong side of the road. Roads are so narrow, that they don't permit tourists to rent cars. They avoid much carnage with this policy.

The tourist industry is not all that strong, because it's expensive here compared with Florida and other destinations. But its a nice place to visit. The people are friendly and easygoing.

The place gets a little less British every year,due to the large US influence. A lot of local politicians would like to break the tie altogether and become independent.I don't think its a good idea for an island of 50,000 population to pretend to be a " country " but its the Bermudians' call.

Back to NYC tomorrow morning.

It's basically an offshore tax haven isn't it? Like the Isle of Man except slightly warmer. A veritable playground for the Brits & Yanks. And the type of place where James Bond villains live in underground lairs.


You're correct in that a big part of the economy is its status as an offshore banking, corporate HQ and insurance haven.

There are a lot of expat Yanks and Brits working there, some who enjoy great salaries and a fine lifestyle but most are wage slaves working in the office.

It could use a few James Bond villains, it would help the sluggish tourist trade. The closest I heard to that were reporst of a fugitive Russian financier who lived on a yacht in the harbor, and then there's Texas businessman / politician / kook Ross Perot who has a mansion somewhere.

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